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Activated Charcoal Floss - The Vegan Smart Floss® - Dr Tung's

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Feast your eyes on Dr.Tung’s newest masterpiece….it’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?  Aside from the gorgeous new packaging, the PRODUCT is the main attraction!  DrTung’s Activated Charcoal Floss—the Vegan Smart Floss—is the first product in the marketplace of its kind.

Innovative, radical, effective and light on the environment–just look at what this product provides:

  • Activated Charcoal – enhances cleansing and helps adsorb plaque and bacteria
  • Removes More Plaque! – expands like Smart Floss®
  • Proprietary Vegan – natural plant wax coating
  • Incredible Flavor Burst – from lemongrass oil plus curcuma xanthorrhiza extract
  • Recyclable Paperboard – eco-friendly container
  • Non-GMO – and NEVER tested on animals

As a leader in oral care, DrTungs is dedicated to offering cutting-edge innovation and quality, natural products that emphasize the role of oral hygiene in overall health. Good oral health is an integral part of overall health and we combine modern and traditional knowledge to produce highly effective products, with the smallest environmental footprint.  DrTung’s new Activated Charcoal Floss—the Vegan Smart Floss—is the latest expression of our commitment.

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