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100% NATURAL HEMP BATH SHOWER POUF from Knotting Naked

100% NATURAL HEMP BATH SHOWER POUF from Knotting Naked

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An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic nylon bath and shower poufs.

Beautifully crocheted in Brisbane using the handcrafted skills of yesteryear, this tough, durable and unique pouf effectively scrubs away dead skin cells, hardened areas leaving skin feeling super soft and smooth. 

For a rigorous serious all over body scrub to improve overall blood circulation!!

Long lasting, up to 2 years with regular air drying and care   

Naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, biodegradable and fully home compostable.


Made from 100% natural unbleached hemp cord

Plastic free - zero waste

Generous size & comfortable to hold

Handy hanging loop

Tough mesh like texture for air circulation and for better lathering ability. The Pouf softens slightly when wet

Use with **natural soap or your favourite sugar or salt based body scrub for best results.

**For an overall great lathering experience, use a generous amount of liquid soap on you pouf and soap up! 

Note: when using your shower pouf for the first time you may notice some slight discoloured "hemp liquid" seeping out during rinse. This is due to the hemp being unbleached and perfectly normal and will disappear after the first few uses. It's a bit like any plant fibres releasing natural colouring once wet.  

Wring out after each use and hang to dry.

Hand crocheted in Brisbane


Rinse and squeeze out any excess soap thoroughly, including a quick flush through with the tap in the inner section. Re-shape and hang to air dry.

To help keep your pouf looking and feeling fresh and working at its best for longer it will benefit from an occasion gentle machine or hand wash in cold water with a natural detergent. Re-shape and let air dry.     

Hang up to dry using the hand loop in between use.

No bleach or tumble dry.

Allow for some slight lightening in colour and shrinkage after use.

Approx 14cm diameter.  100% natural unbleached hemp cord.

 End of life:

This hemp bath pouf is completely home compostable (cut into smaller pieces) or simply toss in the garden to break down.


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